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ReefGrow® is like no other coral reef supplement system on the market today.  In today’s carbon footprint conscience world you can see the difference just by looking at our packaging.  While everyone else is going green, here at ReefGrow® we prefer to say we are “Going Blue™“, after all two thirds of our planet is blue.  So right off the shelf ReefGrow® not only helps save our oceans but also saves you money! By eliminating water from our supplements we cut the shipping weight by an average of seventy percent per supplement!  Our philosophy is why charge hobbyist premium price for water when nine out of ten hobbyist either make their own water or buy filtered water. Less weight equals less fuel and a bluer product.

What makes ReefGrow® the best choice available today? If you want to grow your reef the way nature intended with growth rates that rival those in nature, you have to keep stable ionic balance in your system,  ReefGrow® allows the hobbyist far greater control over the chemical makeup of their system.   Here is how and why the other  guys eventually fail.  The one size fits all reef mentality never works. No two reef aquariums are ever the same.  Because the rate at which any reef uses any particular element is never the same.  This is where two-part dosing systems fail, if a system doesn’t use all elements in a balanced way then eventually your elements will be out of balance, some will be too high, some will be too low.  Giving you the hobbyist control of precisely which elements and how much will allow you to keep a more stable ionic balanced reef and the growth will be better than you ever thought possible. Best of all your growth is sustainable because your system stays in balance.

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As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words so we would like to share with you a few thousand words.  Using ReefGrow® products only


In fifty-five days this orange Montipora capricornis grew a total of thirty-nine millimeters!  That is an average of one millimeter every thirty-four hours!


Then thirty-two days later we updated the photo and as you can see another twenty-one millimeters of growth.  Still averaging one millimeter every day and half.

That is the ReefGrow® difference!

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  1. My Husband and I set up our reef in July 2009 with the hopes of having a beautiful reef. While the set up was pretty things just didn’t grow. corals barely survived. Fish did well. But only because I had beginner fish. Over the years I gave up. Hair algae took over. Most of my corals died. I could never get my parameters right and didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I had been trying to sell my setup for at least a year but couldn’t find a buyer and was about to start parting things out. And then I met Justin Leoni in August of 2013. After seeing his set up and him seeing mine he was shocked at how badly my tank looked and I was impressed by how great his looked. I quickly upgraded my tank and began the process of getting all my parameters in line. I started using his supplements and was completely shocked at how easy it was to dose my tank AND get the parameters in perfect ionic balance. I began to understand how reefing was really suppose to work. Using all the supplements Justin offers my corals have exploded with growth! I now have the “problem” of my corals grow too well. I have to frag them often. In 6 short months my kryptonite candy cane has produced 7 more heads bringing its total to 9. Some of my corals I can see growth daily. ReefGrow Supplements work. My absolutely stunning reef is proof! Do your wallet and reef the favor of using ReefGrow. You will not regret it.

  2. I also was frustrated with dramatic swings in my system and constantly fighting green hair and brown algae’s. If my corals happened to survive, they never grew larger. I was debating giving up the hobby, when I heard about Reef Grow products. Since I have started using thier products, my parameters stay almost perfect, my corals are growing, multiplying and the colors are awesome. I now use thier products exclusively and also save money.

  3. In April 2014 we set up our 75 gallon saltwater tank. We used a full load of live rock and live sand. At the same time we started using the ReefGrow product line with R/O water. We have had exceptional growth with all our corals both SPS and LPS. It also has helped promote the growth of the good algaes. While using the ReefRow products we have found there is no need for weekly water changes and have not had the wild ionic swings in our water tests that we had before using other products that we had gotten from leading pet stores. The supplements are designed and packaged for easy dosing and are a great and affordable value. Reefing made simple. These are products that can be used by people with years of experience as well as the novices without any problems. We love it!!!!

  4. I started using the ReefGrow supplements in December 2014.
    The results are absolutely amazing!
    Before, I couldn’t keep sps in my tank because it would die. It didn’t matter of my parameters were “normal”.
    Now, not only can I keep them in my tank, they are thriving and growing like weeds. I’m absolutely amazed and refuse to use any other supplements.
    Thank you Justin! You’re revolutionizing the reefing industry!

  5. This is Mark, Co-Owner at Reef Revolution LLC in Birmingham Al,
    We started using the 3 part system about 5 weeks ago Cal,Alk,Mag in our SPS system and have seen amazing results. The colors we are pulling out of the corals is amazing and the growth has at the least doubled. Coralline algae growth is through the roof. I say with confidence as a store owner that I highly recommend these products and can’t wait to see what they have to come in the future. This is not another bottle of magic solution with broken promises, this stuff is legit and I can assure you you and your reef will be very happy..!!!

  6. I have only been using the ReefGrow additives for the last few weeks but I have seen an AMAZING transformation in my 120 gallon display tank. When testing, my water parameters are consistently at optimal levels. My corals are THRIVING – both in growth and in color! The SPS in my tank are so happy, growing and fully expanding their polyps. The color are also very bright and vivid – SO HEALTHY looking. I can’t believe the new growth that all my corals are showing! I know my corals and they just look happy and full! Please, try these products! You won’t be disappointed and you’ll understand what I mean when I say my corals are happy! Yours will be too!

  7. I started using Reef-Grow in the fall of 2014 and all I can say is wow! Justin Leoni, the founder/inventor is a genius! Justin told me that my corals would grow like crazy if I used his three part system, and it didn’t disappoint! My coral tank is 10 gallons with a 20″ 96 watt PC light from Coralife (so not so much of a good light) and the growth was amazing! My birdsnest, mushrooms, zoo’s, leather, xenia, and candy canes are doing amazing! Another thing to note, I am very lax on my water change regimen due to me being in college full time and having a full time job, but I have had no algae growth except coraline algae! Reef-Grow is an amazing product and makes reef keeping easy! I can’t wait to use it on my BioCube 29 that I am currently cycling!

  8. Justin I really wanted to thank you for the amazing products you have introduce to this great hobby, I can’t believe the amazing results I have achieved. Can’t believe I spent much more money on other products that can’t even come to half the results as REEFGROW at a fraction of the cost. WOW it’s all I can say. I had a red sponge that I have never seen with polyps and busting at the seems on steroids!!!! Unbelievable. Will continue to use your products no doubt. Thank you again sir and continue with your amazing products.

  9. I started using ReefGrow’s line of products and all I can say is… WOW…

    The Sr Pro really made my acropora and montiporas harded to frag… yes… I NOW have to use orthopedic bone cutters just to snap off a 3/4 inch branch… This is how nature intended!!! to withstand storms and the turbulent waters…

    The ReefGrow calculator V 2.0 is just awesome… it give the flexibility to raise or lower your desired calcium levels without throwing the tank into ionic imbalance… AWESOME calculator… 🙂

    One thing we did test is the stability of the Buffer Pro…. Typically by adding a cup or two of acetic acid to a 200 gallon volume of water, would cause most other buffers to fall out and drop it’s bottom which sends the pH plummeting down…

    We ran the test with ReefGrow’s Alkalinity Buffer… raised the pH to 8.6 just to give it some room… but none was needed… after pouring one gallon of acetic acid, pH 2.9, into the 200 gallon hold up saltwater @ 1.026 sg, it still remained at 8.6….

    We were baffled… we continued to pour a second gallon of acetic acid into the hold up water… no change in pH 8.6 and holding…

    We stopped there… 2 flipping gallons of 2.9pH vinegar solution and the buffer held stable… dKH was rock solid… pH was stable… wow… just wow…

    This is what happens when water chemistry is IONICALLY BALANCED… The buffering capacity is phenomenal…

    Thank you, ReefGrow, for your chemistry!!!

  10. I have been using reefgrow for around 6 weeks. The growth I have had has been amazing! My water parameters are much more under control.

    This is the most affordable and reliable product I have used so far. As for now worth the growth and stability I have using reefgrow I honestly can’t see using anything different

    I am about to start using reefgrows amino acid product. I’ll be taking pictures before I start and then a month later. I have no doubt that I will see a big difference.

    I can’t wait to start using the salt!!! My tank will then be a full circle reefgrow tank! That excites me

  11. I love the reef grow products my Duncan went from 2 head to 6 heads in like 2 mos .. and the algae oust works wonders cleared my dino, cleared the water, and cut down my tank cleanings.. awesome stuff.. you guys are my heros LOL

  12. I was searching for an answer to my algae woes, and stumbled upon the reefgrow crew. I am SO glad that I did! The algaeoust completely rid my tank of all algaes in TWO days. It’s been a couple weeks since, with no sign of algae return. Zoas that were covered in algae, and presumed dead, all of a sudden looked beautiful again! I had MULTIPLE algaes plaguing my tank….ALL are gone. I have no fear that they will return.

    After my amazing experience with algaeoust, I realized that the reefgrow team was brilliant, and decided to try their entire supplement line. My tank was already close to nsw levels, but I was using the WRONG chemicals to achieve the goal, so nothing was really growing. After switching to reefgrow, I saw more colors and growth in 1 week, than I had for 8 months prior. Every single Lps fluffed up, split, grew multiple heads, or grew in some way. Every sps formed new branches and grew at rates I had never thought possible in my tank. Even softies and gorgonians started showing rich, vibrant colors, along with new branches. This was all in ONE WEEK!

    I will never use any other product in my tank again. Finding ionic balance is amazing! The dose builder makes things so simple! Just plug in your personal tank’s parameters, follow the dose schedule, and was your tank transform! I’m no chemist, but this stuff WORKS!!

    Thank you reefgrow for helping my tank reach ionic balance, and its true potential the RIGHT way! Please keep your amazing products coming!! I am so excited for the release of your salt in March!

  13. Give me Reefgrow or give me death.
    The products are amazing, worth 10x what they cost. I’ve been in the hobby on and off for about 25 years and I’ve never seen my corals look this good or grow this fast.

  14. I was recently introduced to reefgrow! I was at the end of everything with my tank due to a nasty outbreak of green hair, I was about to give up when a friend told me to get reefgrow algae oust, without hesitation I ordered it, at this point I was willing to do anything. After receiving the product I immediatly started dosing, within 3 days I was starting to notice thing happening. Algae was starting to die off water was crystal clear! And my skimmer was going crazy. Through out the process I was fortunate enough to speak with the founder/president of reef grow, what a stand up guy! He checked in periodically over the few days and point out some other things. My progress is a little
    Slower than others because the hair is so bad but I now know over time there will be no more.

    Thanks to reefgrow for making such an awesome product but more importantly I regained my love for my tank!

  15. Reefgrow testimonial after two weeks. I love their products. I’ve never really been a product person, I’ve used fuel, never noticed much change. But I got reefgrow manganese, ferrous iron and bromide (under 20$ for all three, and enough for my small tanks for YEARS), on the suggestion of the president of ReefGrow, and in two weeks I’m seeing my yellow polyps, mushrooms and daisies all grow HUGE. I definitely like this product, and the amount of support they offer.

  16. I have been using ReefGrow Calcium Pro, Total Buffer Pro and Magnesium Pro for about a month now. The change in my tank has been incredible. All my corals are more open and growing bigger by the day. Every single coral in my tank has undergone an incredible transformation. ReefGrow products are top notch quality and all at very fair prices. I look forward to trying additional products as they have made a customer for life.

  17. Since switching to the entire line of Reef Grow, I have noted better color, growth and health in all my systems. I would recommend to try it for yourself and see the difference it will do for your reef. Cheers!

  18. I have used ReefGrow Bromide solution, in my 180g tank, for a month and have noticed an amazing difference in growth rate. I saw the biggest difference in my softies- my mushrooms multiplied; I started with approximately 60 mushrooms in my tank (many different types) and while using ReefGrow I have had atleast 15 of them split into new ones!! Not only did new mushrooms pop up, but the “old” ones grew even bigger. I will definitely be telling my reefing friends about ReefGrow. Thank you so much for the wonderful recommendation! You guys really know your stuff.

  19. I started dosing the whole line in my Red Sea Max 130D and not in my 75g. The proof is in the pudding! Night and Day difference in growth and just overall look of everything g. And the instructions are about as simple as they get. This line is the best out there hands down.

  20. I was having a huge problem with slow tissue necrosis in my 180 mixed reef. I tried so many things that were rumored to work. We’ll none of them worked. So I was at my wits end and freaking out because of the loss of some of my nice acropora pieces in the tank. Then someone suggested RTN destroyer from Reef Grow. So I got the 500ml bottle and used it for a week. My sps are looking great. The acropora that was damaged is growing new skeleton over the affected areas. It is absolutely amazing how well this worked. It seems like a magic elixir yet it’s through research and scientifically made to use all the natural items in natural sea water. Thank you people at Reef Grow I will continue to use your products. Only because I’ve seen it for my self.

  21. Just started using Reef Grow Products at my shop, so far I am super impressed with the results. The Algae-oust is amazing. We had one tank the no matter what we did the cyano would not go away. This has been a problem tank since day one, the maintenance, stocking, and equipment is identical to every other tank in our store, but we could not get it to clear. Within days of using Algae-oust in combination with Bio-load the tank was 90% clear and over the next week the growth of algae has stopped and has gradually been clearing up. The other product that has really caught my eye is the RTN destroyer. It works…period! I am switching to ReefGrow products exclusively for my home tank, as well as our 220g display tank at the store. I am excited to see what they bring us in the future.

  22. We have been using the full line of supplements at our store since the day we opened our doors. The results speak for themselves as customer after customer asks how we get so much color,growth and overall wonderful appearance of our livestock. Both myself and business partner have also switched over to Reefgrow for our personal tanks and could not be happier. Having the dose builder available and for all to use makes teaching and showing new customers to Reefgrow products that much better. So to sum it up, thank you Reefgrow for the great products you bring to the hobby and your 5 star service.

    The OceansCorals crew.

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